She came from a sub-culture and started her career in the country’s largest humour magazine, continued to daily newspapers throughout Europe and currently has her own magazine and is published by publishing houses from all over the world. 


The story of the nameless Goth who showed up on Den Svarta Sidan 1997 is an unparalleled success story. Colourful and genuine, she immediately became a favourite of readers. Soon the series was hers and she was Nemi.

The creator of the series, Lise Myhre, debuted in an open arena and found the form when Nemi was suddenly there on paper. And the form is still there. Together they have moved from strength to strength; not only regarding alignment and comic timing. New readers are meeting them and being captivated every day. With around 150 stages to perform on, Lise and Nemi are still developing. And the arena is getting larger and larger.

Nemi stands out in the medial noise. She is a woman, chick and girl at the same time – but refuses to let herself be classified based on gender! Instead, she shows that as a girl, you just have to not give a damn about the expectations of those around you and give the finger to conventions. Nemi does not eat healthy, almost never works out, works hard when she has a job, drinks too much, has casual sex and oversleeps.

These are not weaknesses. Nemi is strong, does not allow herself to be objectified (but it’s OK for her to objectify) and does not buy into the feminism that is based on women being victims. Nemi is always the coolest – at least in her own mind. But she is not narrow-minded. In fact she is open-minded: a reflective young woman who sees that the world is lopsided, accepts this and retains the right not to agree with everyone she meets. She shows her discontent without caring about the consequences. Nemi is an excellent role model that sometimes lacks good judgement, but who doesn’t from time to time?

Nemi has been compiled in book form

Nemi’s own magazine in Norway and Sweden has been an ongoing major success since its start in 2003. Several thousand comic strips and weekly pages in the archive are also compiled in book form. There are albums with a combination of comic strips and also newly illustrated longer episodes, books (which to various extents collect the series chronologically) and also thematic gift books.

Nemi is compiled and published in Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Sweden and Germany.

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