Chez Cuckoo

Chez Cuckoo is a cartoon series about some widely differing characters trying to live together under the same roof and tackling social issues in their own ludicrous and sometimes crude fashion.

Welcome to a cartoon world full of hibernating hippies confronted by the specific challenges of 21st-century life.

In Chez Cuckoo, readers meet a disparate group of people trying desperately to find their place, both within the group and in the world at large. They tread a winding path full of riotous humor and sharply observed contemporary satire.

The strips began as a filler in the humor mag Larsons Gale Verden 2000 and have since become one of Norway’s most popular comic offerings. Today, Kollektivet is published in the daily press, in comic papers, albums, Christmas publications and books.

Tegneserien Kollektivet

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