Newspaper readers start from the back of the paper – with the comics, and that’s not so strange. The comic page offers humor to last them all day. For over a hundred years, comics have helped people to get a good start to their day – and then go on to read the rest of the newspaper.



Following up on her popular comic strip, Em, Maria Smedstad now has a new strip: ACE. It’s about three girls and their day-to-day problems.


B.Virtanen is one of Finland’s best-loved cartoon characters, a popularity established with help from publication in the country’s newspapers (more than 50 to date) and a number of albums.

Värsta pappan, akvarium. Barn i akvarium med sn orkel

Bad Dad

In modern Swedish, Bad Dad implies something like Super-Dad. But this particular dad is anything but super. In fact, he’s almost the opposite. This comic strip is about a pretty



Bestie is a colorful comic strip rich in relatable humor. The focus is on friendship and that special, but sometimes insensitive, relationship you have with your best friend and roommate.


The Biller comics are the work of Biller. Malin Biller. Malin is an award-winning cartoonist who has entertained and alarmed readers ever since she began drawing comics at the age of 13.

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a comic strip in the same vein as Gary Larson’s ingenious cartoons but with a Swedish twist.

Chez Cuckoo

Chez Cuckoo is a cartoon series about some widely differing characters trying to live together under the same roof and tackling social issues in their own ludicrous and sometimes crude fashion.


In the Norwegian comic strip EON, readers accompany the characters through their far-from-normal daily lives in frequently absurd situations. The humor mixes slapstick and caustic satire.


She came from a sub-culture and started her career in the country’s largest humour magazine, continued to daily newspapers throughout Europe and currently has her own magazine and is published by publishing houses from all over the world.

Our House comic

Our House

Our House is a new Swedish family strip focusing on the Olsen family. The comic is the work of Hanna Strömberg, an artist, illustrator and translator who created it because

Shit Happens

Whatever happens to you – it could always be much worse. Fortunately however there is still Ralph Ruthe’s cartoon series Shit happens: with humor and charm the cartoons depict the



Tifilu! is a comic strip for the youngest readers. It is a perfect way of broadening the range on comic pages. For publications targeting children and young people it is a natural choice.


Are you politically correct? Don’t like to laugh at other peoples expense? Don’t think that a good laugh is good for you? Then Lars Lauviks comics are NOT for you.

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