The Biller comics are the work of Biller. Malin Biller. Malin is an award-winning cartoonist who has entertained and alarmed readers ever since she began drawing comics at the age of 13. In her Biller strip, she takes readers for a whirl with modern society that leaves both readers and her cartoon characters dizzy.

Dizzy with joy. Euphoria, in fact.

Malin is a versatile creator who produces not only strips, short stories and comic novels but also animated movies and radio programs. In recent years, she has even come up with cartoon interpretations of legendary Swedish poets Gustaf Fröding and Birger Sjöberg.

Malin Biller’s exhibitions tour Sweden and she frequently makes appearances herself to talk about her comic creations and run workshops for children and young people.

Her commitment to social issues has also led her to contribute illustrations and cartoons to publications with titles such as Feel OK at Junior High, OK Sex: Where to Draw the Line, Stopping Violence Against Women, Cartoons Against Racism, and others.

But it is as a humorist that Bulls presents Malin Biller. She has published a number of comic papers, e.g. in Beetle Bailey, Serieparaden and M. She also publishes cartoons regularly in trade papers in the retail and media industries.

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