In modern Swedish, Bad Dad implies something like Super-Dad. But this particular dad is anything but super. In fact, he’s almost the opposite.

This comic strip is about a pretty awful dad – for the most part. He has two young kids who he looks after in a far from ideal fashion. In dealing with the kinds of everyday situations that many of us are familiar with he behaves in a way that most of us would NOT sympathize with, hopefully. BUT given the ironic title of the strip, readers should be able to laugh at the various goings-on. Above all, perhaps, they’ll be able to feel that they’re better parents than the anti-parent that this dad in fact shows himself to be. The cartoonist is married and the father of two teenagers. Presumably, it is his darker sides that find comic expression in these strips.

About the artist:

Anders Parsmo is married and has two children, aged 18 and 15. He lives in Enskede in southern Stockholm. Parsmo has been a full-time artist since 1998. His work has included numerous satirical takes on topical subjects but also comics, advertising and communication. He loves going to the movies and consuming large quantities of music and Coca-Cola.

© Anders Parsmo/distr. Bulls


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