Bulls produces Influencer chef

Influencer Chef is a cooking competition with a familiar look but with new ingredients. All the participants are influencers – with crowds of followers and committed fans.

In five exciting episodes, six major influencers will compete for the title Influencer Chef. Each week, the participants will cook a dish on a particular theme. The jury will then select a winner who will get an advantage in the following episode and a loser who will be eliminated from the competition.

Featuring popular figures and focusing on cooking, Influencer Chef aims to appeal to a wide audience. No professional cooks will be taking part, which means the quality of the cooking may vary. Viewers will be inspired but may also enjoy a laugh or two.

The competitors are: Amanda Strand, Lovisa Wallin, Johanna Nordström, Anitha Clemence, Daniel Paris and Manne Forssberg.

Dante Zia will act as head judge in Influencer Chef and give his assessment of the participants’ cookery. Dante Zia took part in the 2018 Swedish Master Chef TV programme and appears frequently on TV4’s morning news show. We will also meet a number of guest judges, including burger expert Johan Jureskog in the final episode.

Influencer Chef has several exciting sponsors, including Kosta Boda, MAX Burgers and Pop Bakery. The programme will be broadcast on YouTube once a week for five weeks, starting on 3 May.

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