Spöktimmen and Huawei

One of Sweden’s biggest podcasts, Spöktimmen (Ghost Hour), is now launching a YouTube video series together with Bulls People. The collaborating partner for the series is technology giant Huawei.

Spöktimmen is a popular podcast about unsolved mysteries, puzzling murders and supernatural phenomena that has been widely appreciated and praised since it began in 2016. The podcast stars its writers, Jenny Borg and Linn Larsson, and Bulls People is now developing the Spöktimmen concept in a new format. A YouTube series has long been in demand – now it’s finally happening!

On Christmas Day last year, the pilot episode was launched and was a huge success. In just 24 hours, it received 30 000 views. A guest on the show is blogger Paula Rosas, who talks about her experiences and about her thoughts regarding haunted houses.

The main sponsor of the show is Huawei and the entire series is filmed with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro mobile phone. In each episode, Spöktimmen also talks up various functions that the phone has.

The series deals with exciting themes such as sects, ghosts and catastrophes. In each episode, Spöktimmen is visited by experts or well-known profiles who have experience of the program’s theme of the day. Ten episodes of the YouTube series will be published.

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