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Hooray for Popeye, 90 years!

Perhaps the spinach has contributed to the long life of this classic cartoon character. Congratulations to your 90 years, Popeye!

This year we are raising our glasses for the super-strong cartoon character Popeye who is turning 90 years! In fact, the spinach loving sailor Popeye is as old as Bulls, which was started in 1929.

Popeye was born in The united states and has been a part of the Bulls family from the beginning. Thus, Bulls has of course played an important role in the life of Popeye in Sweden.

“Popeye is a real classic, one of the very first comics that came to Sweden, together with Blondie and Betty Boop,” says Peter Grännby, Senior Advisor at Bulls.

From In the beginning Popeye was not a main character. He was added as a sidecharacter in the adventure series Thimble Theatre, created in 1919 by Elzie Crisler Segar.

But Popeye quickly became popular and it wasn’t long before he was the show’s main character. In addition to comics and strips, there have been several movies about Popeye.

Did You know that…..

… “Clever Filip” was the first name for Popeye in Sweden.

… From the beginning Popeye only had one eye, hence the name Popeye. He later also occurred with two eyes.


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