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The importance of a good portfolio of games

It’s increasingly important for online publishers to offer a strong portfolio of digital games and activities. Engaging, high quality games are an important factor in getting your readers to spend more time with your brand. A great example of this is The New York Times’ crossword app. The app has more than half a million paying subscribers, according to Twipe Digital Publishing. More than half of those subscribers pay for their subscription for one reason alone – the crossword puzzles – and they don’t have access to the digital or print versions of the newspaper.

Bulls offers a wide range of engaging games, including crossword puzzles, sudokus and more. The average time spent playing our games is 13 minutes. Codebreaker puzzles have the longest average time spent at 23 minutes. Next in line is Sudoku at 22 minutes. 

We deliver full game portals as well as individual games and puzzles that we can customize to fit your brand. We use our experience to help you choose the right features for your audience. 

Contact us, and we will help you increase audience engagement with a strong portfolio of games.

You can try our fun and engaging portfolio of games here.


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