Self-portraits on selfie day

Self-portraits on selfie day

Juni 21 is the day for selfies. We celebrate this by letting some of our creators make self-portraits and describing themselves in only 5 words.

Malin Biller has been drawing comics since she was 13 years old. She is a versatile creator and has done everything from comic interpretations of Gustaf Fröding to animated films.

Johan Rikenberg is, in addition to the creator behind the children comic strip Milly, educated at Valands art school and has made several acclaimed stop motion-films.

When Joachim “Spooki” Kügele started to draw TIfilu! he did it with pen, ink and watercolor, but nowadays he’s all digital.

Malin Svedjeholm is the woman behind, and in Plåstra, as it is at least in part autobiographical. She also has a blog.

Anders Parsmo is himself a father but thinks that his comic strip Värsta Pappan is not autobiographical. But some real-life situations have inspired him.

Ralph Ruthe was born in 1972 and is one of the shooting stars of the German comic book scene. The comic strip Shit Happens is colorful, childish, and very fun.

Niklas Eriksson is a versatile cartoonist who does the satirical and sharp Carpe Diem, but also the children’s comic strip Fia.

Maria Smedstad is best known for her autobiographical series Em, for which she was nominated to the Young Cartoonist of the Year award in 2008. Today she also draws the comic strip ACE.

Belzebubs is created by JP Ahonen. There is morbid humor and lots of culture- and music references. A different but very funny comic strip.

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