Puzzle Palace

Being successful is a challenge, and in order to keep up with developments Hearst-owned King Features turned to Bulls for help.

The year was 2014. Online digital content was acquiring a new standard. New web browsers needed HTML5. So as to get things moving quickly, King Features brought in Bulls to revamp their Flash-based material. This successful collaboration continued in 2015 with the launch of Puzzle Palace, incorporating many of Bulls’ digital games and activity materials. Today, Puzzle Palace is to be found on some 250 websites in the US.

The Hearst-owned King Features syndicate is one of the largest press syndicates in the US. Comic strips are their main focus but they also maintain numerous columnists, crossword puzzles and activity materials.

Throughout the modern world, media companies are being affected by the shift in readers’ media consumption to digital products and services. Bulls can help your company keep up with the changing times. We are pioneers and are always at the cutting-edge in developing digital media products and services.


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Ryan Stephens

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