Crosswords and Number Puzzles

As Sweden’s largest supplier, Bulls offers crosswords of every description. Word puzzles are available in different sizes, both for digital and print publication.

Crosswords are the overall term for most interlocking word puzzles, and in Bulls you will find every variety. The leading products are arrowords, codebreakers and crosswords. In that order. But of course we are just as good at other kinds of word puzzles. We have crossword and word puzzles of all shapes and sizes – at Bulls you can always find something that fits.

We digitize your puzzles

Bulls supplies ready-made digital content solutions. These may take the form of whole pages with crosswords, comics and number puzzles, or special supplements with commercial puzzles. Bulls also has crosswords with sound and moving images. Naturally, we also help you to digitize your print products.

Crosswords as adverts

Many tend to think that crossword products are only for media companies producing daily newspapers, magazines and the like. In fact, they can be an excellent complement to ordinary adverts. A puzzle can be adapted so that the solution presents your message. This encourages the reader to stay on your website or your advertising page.

The various types

Codebreaker is a type of crossword where the clues are both the starting letters and the numbers set out in the grid. Each number represents a letter. Codebreakers come with or without images.

Arrowords are by far the most popular type of word puzzle in Sweden, with their images and clues inside the grid. Nowadays they are available with both sound and images.

Crosswords are the classics. Word puzzling began with crosswords. In a crossword, the clues are numbered and listed outside the grid.

Lettered challenges are many, of course. They vary greatly but the common denominator is that they deal with words or letters.

Customized arrowords are, as the name implies, adaptable and the customer controls the content. They can be used for instance on a normal advertising page. They encourage readers to stay on the page, and as a result, commercial clients get their advertising messages across.

Coded arroword are a mix of arrowwords and codebreakers. They partly lack clues and are like codebreakers with numbers to help you, and are partly like an ordinary arrowword puzzle with classic clues.


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