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How Denmark’s largest food retailer increased website visits and ad revenue with crossword puzzles and games

How do you make customers return more often to your website and spend more time with your brand? How do you increase the ad revenue on a members page? For Coop, the answer to both questions is clear: a customized games portal from Bulls exceeded all their goals.

Coop is Denmark’s biggest supermarket chain with a large and established customer base. They have been working with value-added content for a long time, but reached out to Bulls as they wanted users to return more often to their website and be more engaged while there. Based on Coop’s objectives, Bulls created a customized games portal for Coop’s member website. Daily content updates inspire visitors to return more often. The games portal was launched through a campaign with ads, plugs on the home page and newsletters, as well as custom crossword puzzles in their printed member magazine.

”Our new puzzle and games portal is incredibly popular, with a high average time spent per visit. In addition to this, it has proven to be an attractive advertising space.”

Lotte Malmgren, COOP/Samvirke
Coop Denmarks game portal which increased their ad revenue and website traffic

Results – increased website visits and ad revenue

The campaign was successful from day one and continues to have an impressive impact. All objectives were exceeded within the first few weeks.

  • CTR: As many as 10% of the recipients clicked through to the games portal from the first newsletter, resulting in conversions from passive email addresses to active visitors. 
  • The retention rate increased by an impressive 900%. With automatic daily updates, there’s always something new to play.
  • Engagement increased steadily as more users visited the games portal and stayed longer.
  • The average time spent is very high at 8.5 minutes per session. The branded crosswords in particular encourage visitors to stay on the site for a long time.
  • The games also contribute to driving traffic to internal campaigns, as well as ads from third parties.
  • The portal attracts advertisers to a greater extent, which has increased the ad revenue.

Success factors

  • Weekly follow-up meetings where the data is analyzed and the content adapted.
  • The team at Coop markets the games portal through eye-catching plugs, articles in newsletters and custom made puzzles in the printed member magazine. These efforts have increased reach and converted members from print to digital.
  • Comprehensive onboarding. Bulls’ solution is easy to implement. We support our clients all the way, from launch to evaluation and optimization. We use our international experience to ensure that our products and services have the best possible effect, according to our clients’ requests and objectives.


Today, Coop’s games portal is a natural part of their content strategy. By analyzing usage and behavior through data and continuously developing and fine-tuning the content, we ensure that the experience matches the users’ preferences. 

Adapting the games portal can be done in a number of ways, such as adjusting the difficulty levels or offering different types of games, in order to test which ones are the most popular with the given target group.

Want to know more about our games portal?

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