Shit Happens

Whatever happens to you – it could always be much worse. Fortunately however there is still Ralph Ruthe’s cartoon series Shit happens: with humor and charm the cartoons depict the daily humdrum and help us to overcome our own mishaps.

Rutte sketches bizarre and surprising situations which appear increasingly understandable. In this way the author shows the art of making use of general types of humor at the same time: on the one hand the simple fun of insane situations, on the other hand a profound smile and a gloating grin respectively about life’s fathomless depths which we know only too well.

Ruthe’s clear strokes and his colorful cartoons are highly sympathetic and have a recognizable style.

Ralph Rutte, born in 1972, is one of the shooting stars of the German cartoon scene. At the age of 14 he had his success as a writer of texts. Two years later he started with the cartoon series The Precocious, followed by further successes such as the series Fish Tank. The trained compositor and self taught cartoonist Rutte made hos debut in 1996 with the book “Schweinskram” (“Smut”) which not only sold well in Germany, but also in Begium and Holland. Since 1998 he has been one of the most popular authors and artists of the German “Mad Magazine”.

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