Our House comic

Our House

Our House is a new Swedish family strip focusing on the Olsen family. The comic is the work of Hanna Strömberg, an artist, illustrator and translator who created it because she felt the comic world lacked a family strip told from a female viewpoint.

“The idea was to produce a traditional family strip similar to American predecessors in style but situated in Scandinavia in the 2020s”, says Hanna. “It was simply the kind of comic I’d like to read myself”. And she achieved her goal. Our House is a comic rich in the kind of feelgood humor that appeals to all ages.

“It was simply the kind of comic I’d like to read myself.”

Award winning comic

Our House was one of the finalists in a comic strip competetion in Norway in 2020 and was awarded a Swedish debut prize the same year. The strip is published in 22 newspapers in the Nordics and the comic books Pondus and Radio Gaga.


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