Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a comic strip in the same vein as Gary Larson’s ingenious cartoons but with a Swedish twist.

Carpe Diem jokes about everything, from 3D printers and tweeting zebras to Google’s efforts to visually document the entire planet. There are no recurring characters in Carpe Diem, which means it can develop new ideas endlessly.

Carpe diem

With Carpe Diem, Niklas Eriksson confirms his place as one of Sweden’s funniest humorists. He began his career as a comic artist while training at university in Umeå with a comic for the local student paper, not unlike Carpe Diem in character.

Niklas Eriksson has drawn inspiration from a variety of sources: from Sergio Aragones to Gaston, from BC to Bizarro, and of course from Larson himself.

Cartoons flowed from his pen and grew in number over the years. In his two strips Carpe Diem and #Sverige (#Sweden), Niklas shares his wry, entertaining view of the world.

Carpe Diem’s international breakthrough came in 2014 when Bulls offered the world’s largest comic-strip syndicate, Hearst-owned King Features, the syndication rights for North America. King Features decided it had major potential and jumped at the chance. Extensive collaboration quickly got underway on translation, lettering and the production of marketing materials.

Carpe Diem

On 15 June 2015, Carpe Diem was launched in the US and was rapidly snapped up by 130 American dailies. In fact it was the most successful cartoon launch in the country that year. The strip has also been sold to a number of European countries and to China.

Carpe Diem

© Niklas Eriksson/distr. Bulls


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