Bestie is a colorful comic strip rich in relatable humor. The focus is on friendship and that special, but sometimes insensitive, relationship you have with your best friend and roommate. This is a strip for readers who appreciate humor with an edge and lush, lively drawings. A broad target group, in other words.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to sabotaging dates, practicing intimidation or posting ugly pictures of your best pal on social media? And how much privacy can you have when you’ve known each other since the age of three? These are the kinds of themes that run through Bestie.

Bästis tummen upp

The fact that Marthe and Kenneth continue to hang out with each other despite repeated instances of disloyal behavior is not that strange. A blend of bitter memories, conflicts, internal jokes and an almost inexplicable personal chemistry binds them together in a relationship that, despite everything, works reasonably well.

Kenneth and Marthe are 20+ and their constant bickering leads to everyday situations with considerable relatability for readers. In Bestie we get to experience everything from their first meeting and their childhood to their teenage years and even, glimpsed somewhere on the horizon, their old age. Thus the pieces of the puzzle are laid in a lifelong friendship that is tested time and again.


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