Bulls delivers digital supplement to NORDJYSKE

Danish media company NORDJYSKE strengthens its digital offer with a crossword and puzzle supplement from Bulls.

The supplement is included in the e-paper every Sunday. It’s filled with fun and engaging content, including sudokus, crossword puzzles, and digital games. The entertaining features engage the readers and encourage them to stay on each page for longer. 

With this product, NORDJYSKE offers that little extra something to their customers. And the readers love it. Already at launch, many readers were already solving the puzzles and playing the games.

NORDJYSKE is very happy with the user statistics. At Bulls we’re not surprised at all, as we’re aware that crosswords, puzzles, and games have always attracted people and continue to do so. 


I will find the perfect solution for you.

Ryan Stephens

Ryan Stephens

International Sales Director

T +1 801-230-4762

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